By Annie Sanderson


A book full of period positivity. 
Tapua is the original word for taboo.
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Tapua is a space to challenge the taboo that surrounds periods.


This space is for all: women, men, trans men and non-binary people and everyone else. Even if you don’t get periods, they affect us all. By not talking normally about periods we keep the shame that surrounds them.


The book of Tapua shares period stories from all kinds of people as well as some period basics you may not have known.


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T H E  B O O K


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"Such an amazing read! Really enjoyed it! I've had really bad PMS this week so reading this made me feel so much better!"

"I am a man, I found this book very interesting. As I have never experienced a period it has given me even more respect for those who do".

"Really helped reading it, particularly whilst on my period, it was so uplifting and comforting to read".